Frequency TP

7 TV On Express-AT1 @56.0E Frequency

7 TV On Express-AT1 @56.0E Frequency 2021

7 TV
Express-AT1 @56.0E
FREQ: 12208 R/H 27500
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

Important genres of television shows include serial dramas, historical dramas, variety shows, game shows, news programs, and documentaries. All three networks have produced increasingly lavish historical dramas in recent years. Some South Korean television programs are available on satellite and multicultural channels in foreign countries.

Korean television dramas have been widely popular in other East Asian, South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, and became popularized internationally at a later stage, with whole sets of videotapes or DVDs of series available with completed subtitles in different languages, online subtitle websites are also created by numerous fan clubs to cater to a global audience. Shopping channels have become quite popular in recent years as well, and the models sometimes put on entertaining acts during product pitches.

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