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Al-Emarat Sports New Frequency 2022

Sport in the United Arab Emirates is widely practiced by the people of the UAE. Football is the most popular sport in the UAE. Among the notable UAE sports achievements is the 2002–03 AFC Champions League won by Al Ain FC who also finished second in the 2005 AFC Champions League.

The UAE qualified for the FIFA World Cup for the first and only time so far in 1990, the fourth Middle-Eastern country to have qualified for the World Cup after first Egypt (qualified for Italy in 1934), then, Kuwait (qualified for Spain in 1982), and Iraq (qualified for Mexico again in 1986).

Emarat TV New Frequency 2022

Channel : Emarat TV
Satellite : Nilesat 201 at 7.0°W
Frequency : 12226 H 27500
System : DVB-S MPEG-2
Update : 2021

Football is the most popular sport in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates Football Association was first established in 1971 and since then has dedicated its time and effort to promoting the game, organizing youth programs and improving the abilities of not only its players, but of the officials and coaches involved with its regional teams. The UAE national football team qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 1990 with Egypt. It was the third consecutive World Cup with two Arab nations qualifying after Kuwait and Algeria in 1982 and Iraq and Algeria again in 1986.

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