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CBC Sports And IDMAN TV On AzerSpace-2 @45.0E

IDMAN TV And CBC Sports On AzerSpace-2 @45.0E Intelsat 12/904 At 45.0E

IDMAN TV and CBC Sports seems to be the next footy channels. It delivering live football matches most especially EPL, LA Liga and Serie A for free on satellite platform. In this post, I will teach you how to point your satellite dish to Intelsat 12 At 45.0E. I will also be teaching you the satellite coverage, and the frequency of both IDMAN TV and CBC Sports channels.

İdman Azerbaycan
– CBC Sport HD
AzerSpace-2 @45.1°E
New TP : 12692 H 6500 2/3
Biss Key : 34 53 45 CC 34 53 45 CC

CBC Sport HD
AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a at 46.0°E
New TP : 11135 H 27500
SID : 0801
Today Update 2021
BISS KEY CW : 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13

CBC SPORT HD On AzerSpace-2 @45.0E New Biss Key

AzerSpace-2 @45.0E
FREQ: 11555 H 30000
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

Checking the beam of Intelsat 12 At 45.0E on lyngsat shows that the coverage is available through out the Sub-Sahara Africa. North Africa and Middle-East can easily get the channels with lower dish size than Sub-Sahara Africa.

IDMAN TV And CBC Sports Parameters (Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate):

  • Satellite Name: Turksat2/3 4A or Intelsat 12/904
  • Satellite Orbital Position: 45.0°E
  • Dish Requirement: 90CM and larger
  • Frequency: 11555
  • Polarization: H
  • Symbol Rate: 30000
IDMAN TV And CBC Sports On Intelsat 12/904 At 45.0E

IDMAN TV And CBC Sports On Intelsat 12/904 At 45.0E

The frequency host viewers 7 major TV channels and these includes two dedicated sports channels and five other general channels. You can also track Yayi TV package available on that satellite degree. Check out the complete list below.

  1. CBC Sports
  2. Idman TV
  3. VSN Action
  4. Kids Arena
  5. VSN Extra
  6. Hijirah TV
  7. RT

Compatible Receiver

You can use any MPEG-4 and high definition receiver to catch IDMANTV and CBC Sports on Intelsat 12/904 At 45.0E.

How Do I Point My Dish To Get IDMAN TV And CBC Sports Channels

  • Firstly, check the ladder is well placed on the ground, and the dish pole is strong enough to hold the dish.
  • Use the dish pointer app to find satellite information such as inclination, Azimuth, and LNB screw adjustment. Write those details down in a sheet of paper.
  • Set the azimuth according to the value written down.
  • Lose the inclination sleeve nuts allowing to move dish up and down.
  • Set up the Satfinder accordingly, i.e., CBC Sports Satellite is Intelsat 12/904 at 45.0e using frequency 11555 H 30000.
  • Raise your dish to the 45 degrees, once you get the signal, tight the inclination sleeve nuts
  • Try to improve the signal by adjusting the azimuth from left to right and making sure the signal is not lost; otherwise, restore it back to the original position.
  • Screw the LNB for possible signal improvement
  • Tight the sleeve nuts of both azimuth and inclination permanently.
  • Disconnect the cable from Satfinder and connect to the decoder
  • Plug your decoder to the power socket
  • Proceed to the installation Menu
  • Choose the satellite corresponding to the LNB type (KU Band) and degree
  • Set the diseqc switch if used otherwise ignore
  • Choose “Blind Scan” from the scan mode or type and press ok or blue button to start scanning
  • Wait for few minutes to finish the scanning and press exit to the home screen

That’s all about how to get IDMAN TV and CBC Sports on Intelsat 12/904 at 45.0E. With these fre-to-air sport channels, you can watch live EPL, LA Liga, Turkey League 1, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, European Qualifier and Serie A. Alternatily, You can try Ethiosat On NSS-12 At 57.0E Host HornSat Sports Package.

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