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Channel 9 New Frequency TP 2022

Channel 9 New Frequency TP 2022

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Channel 9 MCOT HD, the first television station in Thailand, formerly known as Thai TV Channel 4 and Modernine TV
Channel 9 (Malaysia), a Malaysian private television station 2003–2005
Channel 9 (New Zealand), a regional television station operating in Dunedin, New Zealand
Channel 9 (Bangladesh), a satellite TV channel from Bangladesh

Channel 9 New Frequency 2021 Logo

TV9 (Gujarati), a Gujarati language 24-hour news channel in Gujarat state
TV9 (Kannada), a 24-hour Kannada language news channel
TV9 Marathi, a 24-hour Marathi-language news channel
TV9 (Mongolia), a private television station in Mongolia
TV9 (Malaysia), a free-to-air private television station in Malaysia
TV9 (Telugu), a Telugu news channel
DZKB-TV, commonly known as Channel 9, the flagship television station of Radio Philippines Network (RPN) in Manila, Philippines
Nine Network, an Australian commercial television network

Channel Name : Channel 9
Satellite : Thaicom 6 at 78.5°E
Freq : 3711
Polarization : H
Symbol Rate : 15000
Fec : 3/4
Language : Bur
Update : 2021

Channel 9 – La Rioja, a government television channel in the Provinces of La Rioja and Catamarca, Argentina
Channel 9 – Bahía Blanca, a private television channel in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Canal 9 (Nicaragua), a television channel in Nicaragua
Sistema Nacional de Televisión (Paraguay), formerly Canal 9, in Paraguay
ATV (Peruvian TV channel), formerly Canal 9, in Peru
Canal 9 (Argentina) or Azul Televisión, a general entertainment television network based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Repretel 9, a television station in Costa Rica 1994–2000

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