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Digea New Biss Key Frequency 2023

Digea New Biss Key Frequency 2023

Digea is a Greek network operator that provides a digital terrestrial television system in Greece for seven nationwide free-to-air channels (Alpha TV, Alter Channel, ANT1, Makedonia TV, Mega Channel, Skai TV and Star Channel). In addition to these free-to-air nationwide stations, the network is open to any other station choosing to use its services.

Digea Greece New Biss Key 2023

Digea Greece
Eutelsat-3C @ 3.1E
Freq- 12737 H 15055
Alpha TV
Open Beyond TV
Star tv
Mega TV
Makedonia TV (Greece)
New Biss key- 11 11 11 33 11 11 11 33

The name Digea is a word play in Greek: composed of the words “Digital” and “Gaea” (the Greek name for Gaia, the ancient goddess who was the personification of the Earth), literally translated as “Digital Earth”. It symbolizes a union of the digital era and the basis for life in our world. The company’s main area of activity is the provision of networking and multiplexing services, both to the above-mentioned shareholders as well as to any legal entity opting to use the company’s services.

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