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Dnn news pakistan on paksat frequency

Dnn news pakistan on paksat frequency

Dnn News is a new pakistani channel. This channel is a news channel. This channel is an urdu channel. This is a recently launched channel. Dnn news is the part of dnn group. This channel is a new launched channel and it can get licence from pemra. This channel can group up if the owners will work very hard. This channel telecasts local, national and international news.
This channel has not got rights from pemra and will get licence from pemra and transmission of dnn news will start and grow up. This channel is present on a satellite. This channel named as dnn news was launched on paksat satellite. Paksat satellite is a pakistani satellite where pakistani channels are working. Paksat direction is @38.5° east. Dnn news quality is very high quality. Its quality is 1920*1080. This channel is launched in hd quality. This channel is an hd channel. You can watch this channel free to air. This channel is not famous now. This channel will grow very soon and will provide true news reporting to its viewers.
LNB Frequency.                           5051 MHZ
Transponder Frequency.           3845 MHZ
Symbol Rate.                                6600  Ksps
Polarity.                                         Vertical
Satellite Name.                       Paksat-1R
Direction.                                   38.5° East
DiSEqC.                                    OFF
22K.                                           OFF
Channel Quality.                  mpeg4 / hd
Status.                                   FTA Started
If you are facing any problem about this frequency and this satellite then comment here, we will reply you.

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