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Edge Sports HD Latest New Biss Key 2022

Edge Sports HD Biss Key on Intelsat19 at 169E. Latest Biss key, frequency, symbol rate, polarity & other settings of Edge Sports HD channel on Intelsat19 at 169 degrees east. Edge Sports HD is a globally renowned sports channel by the IMG media group.

Edge Sports HD Biss Key Details

Biss Key F6 CC 41 03 8E BC 05 4F
Satellite Intelsat19
Degree 169 E
Channel Name Edge Sports HD
Frequency 4026
Polarity H
Symbol Rate 7455
SID 0001

Edge Sports HD Biss key of 2021. It is transmitting through Intelsat19 at 169 degrees east. The frequency of Edge Sports HD is 12460, Polarity H, Symbol Rate 20800 & SID 0001. Enter all details carefully to unlock Edge Sports HD.

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