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GO SPORTS 38 New Frequency 2022

GO SPORTS 38 on ThaiCom-6 @78.5E Frequency 2022

ThaiCom-6 @78.5E
TP: 12604 V 30000
Started On KU BAND

THAICOM 6 (Thai: ไทยคม 6) is a Thai satellite of the Thaicom series, operated by Thaicom Public Company Limited, a subsidiary of INTOUCH headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. THAICOM 6 is colocated with Thaicom 5 at 78.5 degrees East, in geostationary orbit. The total cost for the satellite is US$160 million.

THAICOM 6 is a 3-axis stabilized spacecraft, carrying 18 active C-band transponders and 8 active Ku-band transponders. The Ku-band transponders are both addressed as well as beam-switched to broadband. THAICOM 6 provides communication service to Southeast Asia, Africa and Madagascar[4] with its primary role being DTH service for Thailand.

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