Frequency TP

KHUSHBOO TV Frequency on GSat-30 @83.0E

KHUSHBOO TV Frequency on GSat-30 @83.0E 2021

GSat-30 @83.0E
TP: 3778 H 11250
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

KHUSHBOO TV Frequency on GSat-30 @83.0E
RONGEEN TV Frequency on GSat-30 @83.0E

Khushboo Bangla is an Indian cable entertainment company based in New Delhi. It airs programming in the Bangla language. The channel is also available in various areas of India. It started to on 14 October 2017 as the Bangla language cable channel in India. The channel mostly airs content intended for family and coming-of-age generations. Its main audience attraction is Bangla movies. This channel has aired a Bangladeshi television drama series which name is Crime Patrol.

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