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MBC MASR HD Latest Biss Key Frequency 2022

MBC MASR HD Biss Key Frequency on Eutelsat 21B at 21.5°E 2022

EutelSat-21B @21.5E
FREQ: 11564 V 3334
SID: 0001
Today Latest Update Feed 2021
Biss Key CW : AC FE 22 CC 01 21 BC DE

MBC Masr (Arabic: إم بي سي مصر‎) is an Egyptian free-to-air commercial television channel. It is owned by the Dubai-based MBC Group and is affiliated with the Middle East Corporation network.MBC MASR was launched during an official ceremony in Cairo on 16 October 2012, and began on 9 November 2012. The channel serves Egyptian viewers. The channel also.

MBC takes the lead as it is the No. 1 site in the Middle East region among local sites, as well as being the leader in news, entertainment and interactive services platforms in the Arab world. The site started as a single page launched in October 1999 and then developed into being a site that aims to provide the best in the field of news and entertainment services through interaction with the user, which is the strategy of the site, and it is not new to the MBC Group, which is always working to occupy the lead.

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