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Our TV New frequency

Our tv ghana frequency on Nigcomsat | Our tv Ghana frequency | Our tv on amos 7

OurTv is a fast-moving satellite utility developed in the same environment as Nigcomsat 1R. Fortunately, it has a vision anywhere in Nigeria.
Besides, the decoder is not humble compared to the Yayi TV decoder. And crossover decoder which means you can use it for IPTV especially youtube recording in real time. Similarly, you can use ourtv decoder to download and watch other channels that are allowed to stream.
According to the organization’s network, it supports 3G and 4G dongles and USB Wifi for web access. I need OurTv one installment category, no monthly membership after purchase.
Our tv frequency 2021
For all their projects, their desired video (IPTV setting) is paid for. Apart from this, all their satellite television stations are allowed to see after purchasing the decoder.
Unfortunately, OurTv is very much like YaYi Tv is not currently valid. That said, no one knows the source and they don’t have the workspaces to test my testing. So, I can’t donate to anyone anymore. Luckily for the dear consumers, they have wholesaler anywhere in Nigeria.

Our tv frequency on amos 7

Channel Name.            :                Our tv

Satellite Name.             :                amos 7

Direction.                       :                17.0° East

Frequency.                     :                12050

Symbol Rate.                 :                 30000

Polarity.                          :                Horizontal

FEC.                                 :                No info

Language.                      :                English

System.                           :                DVB- S2 QPSK

Beam.                              :               Africa ku 1

EIRP.                                :               0

Video Quality.                :               mpeg2 sd

Status.                             :               Free to air

Package.                        :               No package

Group.                             :              No group

Source.                           :              P Laschan 210522

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