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PERSIAN CINEMA On YahSat-1A @52.5E Frequency

PERSIAN CINEMA On YahSat-1A @52.5E Frequency 2021

YahSat-1A @52.5E
FREQ: 12072 V 27500
MPEG2/SD/FTA Started

Persian Film, also known as Filmfarsi (Persian: فیلمفارسی‎), is a cinematic term used in Iranian cinema criticism. It was coined by Iranian film critic, Hushang Kavusi. The term is used to describe low-quality films mostly copied from the Bollywood cinema and with poor plots, mostly arranged with dance and singing.[1][2] Filmfarsi were suppressed after the Iranian revolution by more strict laws on relations between men and women, as well as religious opposition to the content of the films. The suppression of the Filmfarsi genre encouraged the Iranian New Wave of modern films in Iranian cinema. Many of the Filmfarsi that survived the Iranian revolution did so thanks to the existence of illegal VHS copies.

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