PTCL, Huawei successfully deploys AirPON Solution

PTCL, Huawei successfully deploys AirPON Solution

PTCL, the country’s premier Telecom and ICT services provider has successfully deployed AirPON Solution from Huawei Technologies, in its Fiber Access Network. AirPON is a unique and innovative Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) solution, that leverages existing cellular mobile network infrastructure to extend Fiber footprint, with improved Total Cost of Ownership and better Time to Market.

AirPON employs a purpose built pre-connectorized Optical Distribution Network (ODN) components, which offers a unique, efficient and agile deployment, that minimizes fieldwork through plug-n-play approach, while also greatly improving the quality of installation.

The infrastructure available at cellular mobile sites is exploited for field deployment of Optical Line Terminal (OLT) Equipment, to serve its housing, power and transport needs. This solution is yet another step forward on PTCL’s roadmap for meeting rapidly growing consumer data traffic demands, by expanding its Fiber Access Network in areas otherwise difficult to reach for deployment.

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