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RTA Sports Biss Key and Frequency on YahSat-1A 2022

RTA Sports Frequency 2021 TP New HD Yahsat 2022

YahSat.1A@ 52.5E
New TP: 11668 V 11000
MPEG.4/HD Biss
SID: 01F6
Biss Key: 1234 569C 1234 569C

On MonacoSat-1 @52.0E
FREQ: 10887 V 27500
SID: 0001
127A BC48 456A BB6A

Express-AM6 @53.0E
FREQ: 11585 V 8332
RTA Sports Frequency on Yahsat

RTA Sports YahSat.1A@ 52.5E New Frequency 2021

Afghanistan National Television (Pashto: ملی تلویزیون‎ Da Afganistan Milli Telvizoon, Persian: تلویزیون ملی‎ Telvizoon-e Milli Afganistan) is the state-owned television channel in Afghanistan, launched in 1977 and part of the Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) public .

RTA became famous worldwide when Afghan President Hamid Karzai made a live speech to the world minutes after dozens of insurgents attempted to assassinate him at an Afghan military parade. The assassination attempt was thwarted by the Afghan National Army. The scene of the attempt was also live to RTA viewers in Afghanistan and picked up by the international media.

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