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Today Biss Key PSL 2023

Today Biss Key PSL 2023

2022 Pakistan Super League (also known as PSL 7 or for sponsorship reasons HBL PSL 2022) will be the seventh season of the Pakistan Super League, a franchise Twenty20 cricket league which was established by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in 2015. On 24 July 2021, PCB announced that the seventh season of PSL will be held in January and February 2022 with all matches taking place in Pakistan.

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List of Tajikistan’s National Channels

  1. Tajikistan TV
  2. Safina
  3. Bahoristan
  4. Varzish TV
  5. Futbol
  6. Jahonamo
  7. Sinamo

 Frequency and Symbol Rate          

Channel Name TV Varzish 
Frequency  11785
Polarity  H
Symbol Rate  27500

So finally I will not make you wait too long, the following are New biss keys.


  • Today (Updated): 2023
    Biss Key : 01 A0 3B DC 20 C1 6D 4E

How to enter Biss keys?

So whenever you found a new biss key for your specific channel then you have to enter the biss key. here is a step by step guide. go to your TV Varzish channel or any other scrambled channel which is not working.

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