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TOONIX TV On MonacoSat-1 @52.0E Frequency

TOONIX TV On MonacoSat-1 @52.0E Frequency 2021

MonacoSat-1 @52.0E
FREQ: 11222 V 27500
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

TOONIX TV is a Latin American pay television channel distributed by AT&T for the Latin American audience and the Caribbean. It is the Latin American version of the original Cartoon Network television channel in the United States. It is divided into five feeds, all originating from its central headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States; four are in Spanish (Mexico, Argentina/Uruguay, Chile/Peru, Colombia/Venezuela/Central America) and the other is in Portuguese for Brazil. The feeds have different schedules.

It primarily airs cartoons and animated programming, marketed towards children and teens. Operated in Argentina by Turner System Latin America, it began on April 30, 1993, as the first children-oriented cable channel available in the region. Argentina and Mexico had previously launched children’s cable channels (The Big Channel and Cablín in Argentina and ZAZ in Mexico, all of which are now defunct), but they were only available in their respective countries.

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