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TV Varzish New Biss key & Frequency 2023

New Biss Key for Varzish TV HD

This channel mainly airs sports programs such as Tajikistan’s national sports and festivals, the European Top 5 league( La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, Ligue 1), and also the champions league. Overall TV Varzish offers you a complete sports package. however TV Varzish is not on cable, therefore, it is available on setup boxes and receivers. to know more follow TV Varzish new Biss keys.
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List of Tajikistan’s National Channels

  1. Tajikistan TV
  2. Safina
  3. Bahoristan
  4. Varzish TV
  5. Futbol
  6. Jahonamo
  7. Sinamo

Frequency and Symbol Rate

Channel Name TV Varzish
Frequency 11785
Polarity H
Symbol Rate 27500

So finally I will not make you wait too long, the following are the New TV Varzish BISS key.

How to Enter Biss keys?

So whenever you found a new BISS key for your specific channel then you have to enter the BISS key. here is a step-by-step guide. go to your TV Varzish channel or any other scrambled channel which is not working.
1. There are four colored buttons, Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue on the receiver’s remote control.

TV Varzish new Biss key

2. Press the Green button/GOTO.

3. Enter your BISS key.

TV Varzish new BISS key

4. When you entered the BISS keys then press the Yellow or F3 button to save the entered Biss keys.

TV Varzish new Biss key


This article was About TV Varzish new BISS key. I hope by entering the given above BISS keys, you will be able to watch your favorite sports channel. For more information and the latest articles do visit our website regularly and we will try to bring something even more exciting and fresh content for you.

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