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TV3 New Frequency

TV3 Ireland TV Frequencies on satellites Updates :

TV3 frequency At Express AM5

TV3 Today Frequency
TV3 New Frequency
TV3 New Tp
TV3 Today New Tp

Channels : Tv3
Satellite : Express AM5
Frequency : 3715 L 15285 = 3/4
System : DVB-S2 8PSK

TV3 frequency At Astra 2E 28.2° E

Channel Name: TV3 Ireland TV
Satellite: Astra 2E
Position: 28.2° East
Encryption: VideoGuard
Language: English
Country: Ireland
Category: General
Package: Sky Digital
Coverage: Europe
Band: Ku Band

Channel Name : TV3 Ireland TV
Satellite Name :Astra 2E
Frequency : 12110
Polarization : Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27500 5/6

TV3 Biss Key Frequency

BadarSat-4 @26.0E
FREQ: 12265 H 30000

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